• Student Attendance:

a) the student shall attend all classes, clinic schedules, outreach events and any other scheduled training activities of the College towards the fulfillment of the massage therapy education, and

b) the student shall comply with any reasonable method of attendance monitoring by the College for academic reasons and movement funding obligations, and

c) each absence, partial or complete, from any required scheduled educational training activity must be accompanied by a valid and substantiated excuse from a medical doctor, psychiatrist, government or other authority who is deemed acceptable to the College, All other written excuses require the College's discretionary acceptance,

d) notwithstanding "c" above, an absence or absences that exceed 20% of any course will result in the student being withdrawn from that course; and

e) with respect to absences of religious reasons, the College shall only recognize such holidays legally recognized and recognized religious holidays.

  • Financial Obligations: with regard to all financial obligations incurred by the student and owing to the College, the student shall be solely responsible for the full and prompt payment regardless of the source of funding.


  • Assignments: with regard to assignments, the student shall complete and deliver all required assignments as prescribed by the course lecturer, practical instructor or teaching assistant.


  • Scores: with regard to marking of assignments, quizzes, tests, exams and final comprehensive examinations as well as oral practical examinations, the student shall accept the mark, score or rating, which marks may be subject to the Appeal procedure.
  • Evaluation Process: with regard to course and final comprehensive examinations, only the mark, score or rating shall be made available to the student. However, the results of examinations conducted within the scheduled duration of the course, shall be reviewed by the instructor.


  • Supplemental/rewrite Exams: with regard to any supplemental examinations or rewrites of any written or practical tests, quizzes, midterm exams, final exams or final comprehensive exams,


a) a failure of a course is defined as achieving an overall course mark of less than 70% and such a course is defined as outstanding or incomplete, and


b) a failure of a final comprehensive examination is defined as achieving a score less that 70%, and

    c) a failure of any oral practical examination is defined as achieving a grade of less than 70%, and

       d) the student shall be allowed only one supplemental to pass any practical course, and

       e) the student shall be allowed only one supplemental to pass any academic course, and

       f) the student shall be allowed only two outstanding courses in any given term of study, within it is noted that there are four terms of     study in the massage therapy program, and

       g) the student shall be allowed only one supplemental for a failed final comprehensive examination, and

       h) the student shall undertake a supplemental examination for any academic or practical failure within 3 weeks from the date of the          original examination as scheduled by the College, and

       i) statutory holidays, Christmas, New Year's Day and March break may increase the time period between a failure and a supplemental            date, and


j) the College reserves the right to reasonably expedite or delay any scheduled supplemental with a two week advance notice in writing to the student or a public notice to all students as posted in the College's premises.

Graduation requirements:

a) the student shall have satisfied and be in compliance with all of the above regulations in sections 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 and 13, and

b) the student shall complete all subjects or courses with a minimum score of 70%

C) the student shall obtain a minimum overall average of 70%and

D) the student shall obtain a minimum score of 70% in the final comprehensive examination,

e) the student shall achieve over a 70% rating in each of the oral practical examinations throughout the program, and

f). after satisfaction of the above subsections a, b, c, d, and e the student shall be awarded a College diploma.